Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Good Evening To All

Hello Guys,
It seems like it took me a year to create a Blog spot.
I have been feeling that I need to do one of these things for a while, but just did not know how to do it. I hope you all will bear with me for the first couple of weeks, while i get use to these new site and things of that nature so i can start providing you all with the pro moves that we all tend to want to do while we was in events. Just FYI, this blog spot will be for anything pertaining to YGO the trading card game. That means that i will be talking about decks, top 16 or top 8 players, random deck ideas, deck ideas that I think will carry a person to the finals in an event. I will answer and continue the things that i could not touch upon in my youtube channel which is If most of you do not know i am a YGO player, YGO judge, and a friend to all. I will always stand up for what i think is right.
I will always stick to the model that i created which most of the people know, Which Is
"If it Aint Pro, Den Itz Gotz to Go"

1 comment:

  1. Hey prowingston i have a deck idea i have created and wanted to show you.
    3 flamvell magician
    3flamvell firedog
    3 gravekeepers spy
    3 ryko the lightsworn hunter
    3 krebons
    2 dandylions
    1 gravekeepers decendant
    1 cybervalley
    1 plaguespreaderzombie
    1glow up bulb
    1debris dragon
    1 card trooper
    2 mystical space typhoon
    2 book of moon
    2 pot of avarice
    1giant trunade
    1 coldwave
    1 monster reborn
    1 dark hole
    1foolish burial
    1 emergency teleport
    1 charge of the light brigaade
    1dark bribe
    1 dimensional prison
    1compulsory evacuation
    1solemn warning
    2 bottomless trap hole
    extra deck:
    3 blackrose
    2formula synchron
    1 shooting star dragon
    2 stardust
    1 scrap dragon
    1mist wurm
    1 chimertech fortress dragon
    1magical android
    also i just wanted to see what you thaught of it and my youtube is thezombieswornplayer if you need anything thank you for your time.