Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Deck Discussion: Side Decking With Lightsworns

As most of you all saw on my Youtube channel
I strongly Believe that Light sworn Has a better match up with most decks, and also has the ability to side deck a lot of different cards and that matters in large scale events. The deck that can side deck well is very Good, and is bound to work well. If you have not seen me on youtube or have not see the video that i talk about side decking it is

The cards that i speak and the reason i like them are
Nobleman of Crossout
I like this card because of the many things it can do. If you fear a face down, crossout says Leave me now.
It gets rid of cards like
         Dark Soul
         Snowman eater
(let me know if i left out anything)
I am pretty sure that if you hit any one of those cards, the deck that they are in will be generally weekend by that one good move that you just did. Which in turn will give you the upper hand in the match 

Shadow imprisoning mirror
Works So well against the Dark Decks that Lightsworn would have a problem beating already. 
thunder king rai-oh
Almost an Auto win when you summon this guy and decide to just Shut S=== Down.
Malevolent catastrophe
A Broken Heavy storm

Consecrated  light
People forget that main decking this card is very helpful. Stop most of the big problems out here in the YGO world, my main one is Caius when used against me. So just imagine you summon JD and than put a Con Light next to it. To me that equals game.
Starlight road
I think this card really Sucks but in the eyes of a lightsworn player, It needs to be used to put JD,and spam Summonings.  Starlight Road does not really have a draw back, and you can if you want to bring out a Stardust.

Nobleman of extermination
Card has to be the best spell against the new and upcoming card called Solemn warning.
I love Warning but not when it is used against me.


  1. Thanks for the side deck explanation!

  2. dude... check your grammar, it's annoying to read through good points but get pissed off at bad grammar

  3. Very good insight. That helps me more. But, what's more of a threat now? Gravekeeper's or is it still going to be the Lightsowrns?